Hedda Gabler
The Collective Face Theatre Ensemble, Savannah’s premier ensemble theatre group, is excited to be back and presenting a free streaming production of Henrick Ibsen’s classic play, HEDDA GABLER.

HEDDA GABLER presents a psychological study of a cultivated woman, recently returned from her honeymoon, whose boredom and dissatisfaction in a stifling environment lead her to destroy others — and herself.

The talented cast includes: Casey Bessette* as Hedda Gabler; Travis Harold Coles* as her husband George Tessman; Gary Shelby* as Judge Brack; Kimberly Simms* as Thea Elvsted; Romero Rivers as Eilert Lovborg; Kim Patrick Limehouse* as Aunt Julianna; Diane Reed Carter as Berta.

Directed and Designed by David I. L. Poole*
Lighting Design by Michael Moynihan*

* denotes a member of the Collective Face Ensemble

The Director is a Member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, a national theatrical Labor Union
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